Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lisa workshop Day 2

The lighting is really bad here at the Embassy suites but I wanted to show you the almost finished piece. I plan to sew with various threads and some metallic thread and finish it up then I will take a good picture of it. I really have had a wonderful time and Lisa gave us "permission" to do all sorts of things that were really ok when assembling a collage or writing on fabric. I am so glad I came to the workshop. I only got lost a few times so thank goodness for the Hertz Neverlost. SO ... actually I was never lost!!! The Birmingham guild gals are exceptionally precious people and it was fun to see how talented and creative they are were. We have actually all had most of same teachers along the way and it gave us an instant bond. Oh, how I wish Jacksonville still had a Calligraphers Guild. That makes me very sad that we don't. Anyway....I think I am tired now and I think I will watch a movie. I watched "Julie and Julia" last night and thoroughly enjoyed it! Flying home tomorrow---I'll be glad to get home.


lori vliegen said...

hooray!!! your artwork is fabulous.....SO glad that you enjoyed your weekend with the b'ham gals!! can't wait to hear all about it....have a safe flight home! :))

Mary said...

Marthy it really looks beautiful!
Have a safe flight home!!


Jancalligrapher said...

Hi, Martha,

Isn't Lisa fun? I have taken a class from her twice at Convention and love it. I made a fabric book. Your fabric paintings are wonderful!

Shabby Gal said...

You are so precious! I LOVED getting to be your neighbor this weekend. You are IS indeed a small, small world!

When will you be teaching a "calligra~fun" class with your brush pens?!?!!? I "need" to know! :)

Be blessed sweet friend!

~Kalli K.

Jane Farr said...

Loved your videos of Lisa's workshop Martha. Thanks for sharing - it looks as though it was a great time! I hope Bernie got a good rest while you were away - I think she's going to need it!

Renee Troy said...

So glad you enjoyed yourself in Lisa's class. She's a dear and very talented artist.
I love what you created in her class. You'll have fun finishing it I'm sure.

Sue K said...

These are fabulous, Martha!!! It looks like it was a super class!! Can't wait to see the finished pieces when you get them done. Hope that you have a safe trip home and get rested up.
Lookin' forward to hearing all about the class!

Shirley said...

Martha!!! I am standing up and jumping up and down with your beautiful lettering in my hands. THANK YOU so much for your generosity and gorgeous piece. I am such a big fan of letters and your letterforms are just superb! I have posted your work at my blog so that those who may not know of your work, can now enjoy it as much as I do. Truly, I thank you so much. : )
I am adding the follow gadget now...all the best to you and thanks for participating in the Art Exchange!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

I just found your blog tonight and I am soooooo glad that I did. Your artwork is so beautiful and fun! I love to put words, quotes etc.into my art paintings, but shy away from it because I don't like what my letters look like. I need to learn your techniques. Love it that you have a calligraphy video too.

I am new to blogging since Aug 2009, but love meeting so many new people like yourself. The past 2 Saturdays, I have gotten braver and posted some of my paintings and called the post "Show Some Creativity Saturdays". I would just love it if artists like yourself would comment and then link up with your own blog so others could come and see your creations.

I am now a follower of yours and and will be visiting often.

Lee Ann

Lisa Holtzman said...

The workshop looks like it was so much fun! Love your piece...and your workspace art : )


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