Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 30 for Documented Life project

This week was "Make a Smash Book" page.  Well, I had heard of a smash book but I have never made one. But actually I had kinda made one years ago but called it something else. So I had to go and Google Smash book to fine out what it was. Actually mine is not really right. I didn't have any labels or receipts that were interesting looking. So this is what emerged. Whether it right or not it was fun 
to make. I am waiting for them to say it's Collage Week!  Then I will be sitting pretty!
Have they already said that one???

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 29--Make a Wish List

This was a fun week so I put my top wished for this week and next wee too. Actually Chauncey and his A-fib procedure actually goes first but Zach and their booth at NAMM in Nashville this week is hight up there too!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Got the Rug Bug

After painting Zach's large red and blue rug (see previous post) and wanted to try another one. This remnant was from Lowes for about $20 for two pieces that were 4x6.  I used Benjamin Moore Dry Sage left over paint for the base color. I got the large all over stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I used Annie Sloan Paint for the stenciling and used her big brush to stencil. The next step will be to lacquer it and it is suppose to be completely scuff proof!  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 27 of DLP and a rug!

Last night at 11:00 after painting this rug all day I got the bug to do my DLP page. I was going to let this week slip but I got some extra energy last night.
I do love to do puzzles but couldn't find any pictures of them and I must admit I have never done a Sudoku puzzle. I think it might involve math---or numbers?  Maybe that's why this severely left-brain challenged girl has never done one. Or maybe I am missing out on something fun!
But I did enjoy painting this linoleum rug. It was hard work! It's for my son, Zach's, booth at Summer Namm in Nashville coming up in about a week or so. They are putting up a small booth and will sell their beautiful Peruvian  guitar straps and other guitar accessories. The rug has the colors in the Original Fuzz Logo.
It's 5'x6' which is the size of their small booth.
Wish them luck!!!

I had so much fun painting this rug I think I will paint some more smaller ones. I have plenty of stencils.  I painted on the back of the linoleum remnant. Cost about $20 dollars.  I did have to do some extensive research as to how to do this. I hope it will be durable. It has lots of coats of polyurethane. Should hold up.  


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