Monday, June 29, 2009

Rags and Random Moments Book

Front cover
I actually held my breath and stitched the bird on later. It was very heavy card stock and the thread came out so I guess I pushed it to it's limit. Actually I am sure I could have rethreaded and gone on--I got brave after I took the pic.

FAITH- HOPE- LOVE is done with a Zig calligraphy marker. I love the look of calligraphy markers on canvas. Then you can outline--or whatever.  Maybe that will be my next online class.
There was no planning for any of the pages, I basically "randomly" put stuff on, whatever was close by because basically I was testing all the stitches to see what would happen.  I didn't use the free stitch foot because I was so in the Bernina zone that I forgot I even had it. It took me one whole afternoon and into the night to complete it but as you know--you look up and several hours have passed.

That's a little pocket of Poppies that accidently got sewn shut.

This book was inspired by the cover of the current issue of Somerset Sew. Goodness, what would I do if I was not so inspired ay all the artists on the blogs, mags and websites?? Hummm (that's a hummm for sure!)---I wonder if I would be dead in the water---artistically speaking of course--or would I be off on some different art adventure with just me and my muse? I often wonder that--but no need to go there because I am here--- now--- and loving being inspired by so many wonderful artists who are so willing to share how they make their art. Thank you to all---and most of you know who you are!

Ok back to the book----I was so excited that the needle went through this many layers painted canvas that I almost fell off my chair in excitement. Now if I can just learn to sew on a button!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Sleeping Village

I enjoyed making the little collage village in my journal so much that I had to make another one on a 12x12 canvas that was already painted black just waiting for something.  This is inspired by Sharon Tomlinson---she put faces among hers which makes them even more fabulous. Anyway, this one will not go into the Etsy Shop since it is too much of a resemblance of hers but they are so fun to make and maybe I will make more because they make me happy. Thanks, Sharon, for making me happy! Maybe I will try stitching all these on to paper. Might be really cute!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just Playin' Around

The image above one measures about 4 x 8 and the one below is 5 x 5.
I have to say I haven't had this much fun in quite a while. I do love my new Bernina now that I've kinda gotten the hang of it. I can switch thread color fairly quickly now so that's helpful.  I really had no plan with these pieces but just started piecing some watercolors together that I had torn up. And the calligraphy was just little practice pieces that I had.
The bottom one is a watercolor sewn on to canvas and the three little dots are French Knots. They are fun to do too--of course they are hand stitched. The magic Bernina isn't quite that magic--
It's all really fun but I have noticed one thing---thread color is like paint color--you need them all!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Maiden Voyage on the Bernina

I am very excited to have my new baby, the Bernina.  Now that I have learned to thread it and bobbin it---I am off and having so much fun.  As you can see I tried my free stitch foot and it kinda got away from me. Need to practice on that one. I will start the Mastery classes on August 1st so I can really learn to sew---probably about 45 years over due---Mama would be proud of me---
1st image--original painting on watercolor
2nd, 3rd,4th images printed on fabric
5th image--original on watercolor
6th --original acrylic on gessoed canvas--this one almost went into the trash after I painted it but I found it in the back of a drawer---I kinda like it better now with the stitching.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Knobby Poppy Art

My Etsy shop had been on vacation for several days but I have just listed these three new Knobbies.  I went to our local bead shop around the corner and bought some cool knobby feet. These are really fun to make when it comes together. If I plan to make a bunch of Knobbies it just doesn't come together but yesterday the knobby muse helped me. The are all original watercolors of Poppies.

 And---guess what???   My Bernina came in and I am going to get it today. I am so excited I am about to bust!!  WEEEee!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Special Journal

This is the special journal that I bought from my good friend, Lori Vliegen at Elvie Studio. This is a wonderful little blank journal that is 6x6 on Strathmore 140 lb. watercolor paper. She has done a wonderful job on this little journal and I want to get more of them. But Lori is in the process of moving into her new house and studio so she only has one available now. I love this one too. 

If you want one you can email her or convo her and she will make you one soon. 

My inspirations in this little journal as well as my present art journey are : Sharon Tomlinson, DJ Pettitt, Julie Prichard, Carol Sloan, Connie Furgason.

I like to give credit where credit is due.  It might take a few seconds for the video to appear---hang's coming...and if you double click it will take you to the YouTube site and it displays better. It is cropped a bit in Blogger---why, I don't know.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Watercolor in the journal

 I don't know what I like to do more, watercolor or acrylics. I love them both---they do completely separate and wonderful things. Here are just a few ditties in another watercolor journal. 
This is not the "Special One" that I will show you soon and surely you might want one---it has magical painting muses that live within the pages of the book to help you to create the most lovely of things. :) Just pulling your art leg of course but ... it is an experience that you will never forget painting in this Specal journal: they are in high demand and the get bought up very quickly. When the supply has replenished, I will vlog about it and show you my pages.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally..something on this background!

This background has been staring me in the face for months now and since I really like the background I was afraid of messing it up by adding something to it. That happens, you know. But I decided to go for it and do something with it. It is on a 12 x 12 Ampersand cradled board/canvas.  I drew the letters and painted them in. Not great Roman capitals but Reggie is not critiquing at this one so I think I am ok.(Anyone a "Reggie" student?) If you are you will know exactly what I mean. As you can see I added some stamps and my favorite..PUNCHANELLA!!! Oh how I love punchanella.  

I went to the Bernina store today!  AND>>>>>I bought one!!!  I got the Artista 220 on sale since they didn't have any refurbished ones. And of course, Macaulay's is way better BUT this one is a sweet machine too. I sat there and sewed a little book together while I was there. I am so excited. I should get it in a few days since they had to order it.  DH had to spot me a little cash to get it but I had most of it.   WEEEeeeee!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Marc talking to the New iPhone

Daughter, Macaulay, just sent me this little video
 from her new iPhone of Marc. 
I think he trying to say something! Well, of course he is...he's very advanced for his age!  :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm in love---with a Bernina!

When I was up in Greenville, SC, visiting our daughter and Little Marc---just a moment, I have to do this...awwwwww, little Marc...ok I'm back now...and as I was saying, while visiting I sewed on her Bernina sewing machine and I honestly fell head over heels in love. She actually warned me to step away slowly from the machine if I knew what was good for me.(she knows me oh so well and knew I would have to have one!)...but.. too late!  Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, the stitches, the ease...the computer!  I really do want to learn to sew stuff for mixed media art stuff and maybe advance to some other things.  

So, I have been saving my art bucks for something---I think I know now what I want--of course I can't get one like hers but hopefully a lesser model with just some of those stitches and that computer!

Here is just a little thing that I was practicing sewing that  came together last night while watching "So You Think You Can Dance?" (my favorite show) while playing with the Bernina.

Look at all those stitches...and you can change in mid stitch---aahhhhh...
Some card stock watercolor scraps sewn on too.

Watercolor images that I cut out and tried out some borders many little time....
I even changed the thread color and that's a feat!

Did I say I was in love???????

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Layers in the "Special Journal"

Rather than using acrylic for the layering I decided to just use two shades of watercolor, Andeth blue and Violet.  It was just a wash and when it dried I added some punchanella. Then I wrote a little quote.  I didn't have any clear gesso to put under the writing area so I wasn't able to get crisp letterforms.  I have discovered clear gesso as a base for calligraphy on mixed media pieces. This is a journal that when I tell you about it you will want one because it is fabulous. It is about 6x6 (I love square) and has Strathmore 140lb 400 series watercolor paper in it which I really like because it takes watercolor, calligraphy and acrylic layering just fine. I will tell you more about and show you some ways I have filled it up in a few days.

More Layer Love

This is more "Layer Love" in my special journal that I will give you more details on it later---because it is really special.  I am still only on Lesson 4 ish.  But I am enjoying it so much. 
I started this one with yellow and built around it with sap green and blues, punchanella and my favorite stamp--tp roll.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dry Brush in the "Special Journal"

Here is one I did this morning in the "special journal" with a few stamps, punchanella, and a little but of calligraphy. When I get back home in a few days I will do a vlog about this very special journal.
Oh, and here's something funny that my daughter, Macaulay, and I just experienced. We always watch "Fox and Friends" in the morning and every morning they read little silly  rhyming jingles  that people have made up and send in through email. Macaulay sent one in this morning  that said:
"When I wake up early 'cuz my new baby is cryin', nothing's better that Steve, Gretchen and Brian."  AND they just read it on the air!  Bryan said,"Macaulay from South Carolina sends in..."

We had no idea that they would really read it and we would even catch it. Well, we got our kick for the day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mommie and Marc

A Pleasant Dream

Oh, how Marc has grown and I am having just a fun time up here in Greenville! Daddy Marc is on a business trip and although we love having Daddy Marc here, we are having some fun girl time with our favorite little guy. He is such a sweetie. He is half swaddled up in his Miracle Blanket---which, by the way, is a miracle. I've been doing some Layer Love painting too so I will blog those later today or tomorrow.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Layer Love Online Class-- Reds

 I usually have an online class going all the time (I am a junkie!), sometimes two (I try not to do that). This one was good and I liked Julie Prichard's background methods.  I have not quite finished it yet ---this is only lesson 3 of 9 lessons.  She has become friends with Suzi Blu  if you want to be entertained and have a little giggle, you should check out some of her  (their) video entries. 

These are painted on 8x8 canvas board with her methods of layering.

Green Day

More journal junkin' with left over green paint mixed with mat medium.  The mat medium makes it act like paste paper.  What is paste paper? Most of you know what that is but for those who don't-- it a process of laying acrylic or watercolor paint on paper with wheat paste or Elmers Art Paste which makes interesting texture made by sponges or other tools. I use paste paper a lot for backgrounds for calligraphy. This (images above) will not work for lettering because the mat medium is a plastic and the nibs will slide all around and the gouache won't stick. That's why we use wheat paste for backgrounds for lettering. It's all FUN!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look who got a summer haircut.

Bucky is just so cute---with hair or without hair.  Welch Corgis are one of the most shedding of dogs so sometimes he gets a summer shave.  He loses his black color and turns to gray. He likes his summer cut because all the people who have been calling him a little short fat dog have to eat their least about the fat part.


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