Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Little Country Cottage

I don't have many photos that I have taken myself that are paint worthy.  I am so glad that the
Paint My Photo has great copyright free photos that you can paint. That's the point of the site. There are some really nice photos in this site can can be painted exactly as is or modified with cropping etc. This is one of those photos. I did modify this one because in the foreground were rows of lavender and after painting all those rows I decided it was just too busy so I painted over it to let the little cottage be the focus.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Love Anything Boho!

I have been wanting to make some of these Boho bangles for quite some time now.  I had all the the supplies here at home except for the zip ties. I got the 8" which wasn't long enough. The 11" would be much better. But I just taped two together to get the size I needed. I used Artist Tape rather than Scotch tape and small duck tape would even be better. Can't wait to wear them.

Here's link to the how to video by Mark Montano. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pretty and Really Smart

I have been having so much fun drawing these girls. Danielle Donaldson
has the most wonderful class called "Creative Girl--Storybook and Studious Girls"
and her girls are so just adorable. I highly recommend her class.
My girls are a bit different which is what I was striving for. It's all about
"creative practice"---learning from someone you admire but then making it your own.
Take lots of practice!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

For the Love of Duck Tape

 As I was painting some fun girls (ala Danielle Donaldson--love her!) the thought occurred to me that I should do something to this boring 'ole folding chair so I whipped out the only patterned Duck Tape that I had and went to it. So easy and fun. Just used a box cutter to trim it. Goodness, think of the possibilities!


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