Friday, April 30, 2010

The Accidental Journal--on purpose

I liked the Accidental Journal so much that I decided to make another one on purpose. It was fun the make and I like the colors better. It is on cardboard (more of that stuff hanging around)with collaged, painted and varnished covers. I am still getting rid of scrapbook paper and I thought this was a very good use for the excess paper. I sewed it and put some fibers on the end and well..thought it turned out pretty cool. Ia m on a roll now. I might make a few more. After you make's a breeze and hey---it's fun!
And ok, I'll keep my green gold but I tried to restrain myself on this one.
And guess what---I sold this one! Yahoo!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Accidentental Journal

I had some scrap cardboard that was bugging me that it was hanging around. (Above image is the whole sheet.) So I just started adding some collage scrapbook paper (because I NEED to use this scrapbook paper!), paint, stamps, punchanella, toilet paper roll...etc. Then I really didn't like it so I cut it up into 4 pieces(two stuck together in the book press because it was still sticky unbeknownst to me--arggg!). But, still, I liked it a little better. Then I sewed around the edges...and I like it a little better still. Then I randomly started pulling put scrapbook paper and folding and cutting for signatures. Ok, so then I thought something might be happening here. Then I printed the "Today's Date" and the lines and started cutting those and pasting those in. I got together 5 signatures and started sewing. Then I added the scraps at the spine (which really weren't the right colors but hey, this was all by accident anyway, so who cares?? So about 6 hours later give and take a few---here is what emerged. But, would someone please come over and hide that bottle of Golden's Green Gold for me...please!!???

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The "Zones" Of My Life

Creating art is an interesting thing for me. It is a process of sliding into the creative zone without planning it and finding yourself joyously creating. But if I have to do a commission work or I have to create on demand, I am sometimes dead in the water fairly quickly into the process and have to push myself to create...and usually this is in the dreaded twilight zone. I can still turn something out --- but with extreme difficulty. But if I slip into the creative zone the finished product might not be a masterpiece but the point is, how did I feel when I was creating it?? That's the creative question I ask myself. If it was fun and enjoyable and the outcome was pleasing then I have been in the creative zone--which is also outside of any time zone.
These two paintings above started off as just some calligraphy on 6x6 scrapbook pieces of paper that came in an order as a freebie. I was actually thinking about tossing them into the scrap bin (and the trash bin crossed my mind too) probably to be lost forever and never used since the paper was rather uninteresting. I wrote the calligraphy (again, no plan) and then started to do some doodle flowers around it and then ended with...having fun! Isn't that the goal of our art anyway...having fun...the journey is the destination...and all that rigamarole??? How many of us are making thousands with our wonderful art anyway (or hundreds...or even just a few dollars??)
Well, some of you are but for me...I might as well have some fun!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OK, I admit it....

I am a Mary Freeman wannabee. I just love how she does her paintings with all that yummy color and as I was spraying painting and splattering the messed up pants I decided to spray paint and splatter a failed canvas painting that I needed to paint over. I do love to look of graffiti with the bright colors and lettering---which I also wish I could do. It is very difficult to do that style of lettering. Anyway, Mary, if you see's to you my friend!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Think on these things...

Happy Monday!!
Sometimes I just like to peruse all of my old sketch books and I find things that I did before the days of the copic marker. This is one of these drawings so I decided just to color her in with a bit of enhancement with my black markers and stamps. I actually had to redo the Scripture with one of my hand lettered fonts that I made and have really enjoyed using. It's like my own writing---but as a typeface. I made it in Fontifier for $10.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calligra-fun class supplies--FYI

The link to the supplies was broken so if anyone was interested in the supply list here it is!

1. Zig *Brushables Markers (my favorite!), Zig *Scroll and
Brush Markers. Zig also has *Writers in coordinating
colors (optional) that can be used for outlining and
2. Marvy Le Plume ll or Tombo Markers
Suggested colors for markers: green (Spring Green or
Kiwi) , blue, yellow, red or pink, and a light grey for
shadowing (Zig- Brushable --Platinum) There are LOTS
of colors available!
3. Faber Castele Black Pitt pens in small or fine—or another
small liner black pen you might have. Pigma is also good.
4. Laser paper (optional) for printing your lines. This type of
copy paper is a bit more slick and doesn’t use as much ink
from the pens while practicing---but regular copy paper
will also do.
5. Darker paper –any colors will do
6. Gel pens—any type (I use Jelly roll, glitter pens with the
star on it. Again—this is optional and use what you have.
7. Any and all types of paper will work—I like to use
watercolor paper and your journal paper is fine also.
8. White pens for dotting and embellishment. I like Uni-ball
Signo UM-153 White—or white gel pens, or small paint
1. Uni-ball White Signo
2. Zig Brushables
3. Zig Scroll and Brush

Gel pens, Faber Castele Pitt Pens as well as Pigma Black Pens can be found
at your local Michaels, Hobby Lobby and art supply store.
You can also get some of these supplies on eBay and you might just have
these in your art stash!
I do suggest using a new brush marker just so you can get a good crisp
stroke for your letterforms,

Getting ready for the oil painting direction...

I have been thinking for quite some time now that I wanted to have some proper instruction in oil painting. I guess it's pretty much the last frontier for me where painting is concerned so I have signed up for 6 weeks of studio painting in the studio of a wonderful artist here in Jacksonville. I like her so much and I know that she is one of the best teachers so ...we'll see what happens. Besides calligraphy, I think painting is my next best passion. I want to paint with a palette knife for that chunky look but I do know that I will have to learn some basics before I can do that. The top image is painted in oil with a brush and a palette knife and the second image was painted with a palette knife only with Open Acrylics from Golden. I was just seeing how it all felt before starting my class. I do like the Open acrylics too--it behaves a lot like oils. I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants (hee hee--remember yesterday's post??) with the palette knife. I love the look but there is definitely a learning curve. I am really hoping that I can find my "style" and that I can use these oils with other mixed media. I may hate it and just do a drive-through of another art style--like I have done so aften in my journey although I have enjoyed every town! It would be nice to settle down in a style for a while! It doesn't start until May 20 but she gave me some homework to do.....the dreaded black and white sphere value study. I was about to say...I've already done that ...but I stopped myself and realized that one more time won't kill me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Earth Day--one day late

Just wanted to remind anyone who might be new to my blog about my Calligra-FUN class to learn to write like this using brush markers. I have been so encouraged that all of my 136 students have been pleased with the class and had fun!!! They all did such wonderful work and it made me so very happy to see that the students really could achieve great success with this type of letterform after taking the class---and during! I also have an Italic Calligraphy class if you want to learn a classic calligraphy letterform that will get you on the right track for calligraphy.
Lettering with these markers is very addicting and you can doodle and play and write in your journal and it just...makes you happy! It's my therapy! I am in the pants
I fly by the seat of my pants sometimes when I create art!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Before and after

I tried to soak it out---no such luck...

OK, I feel better now. I like them better than before.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drop in some color--on the paper!!

Have you ever had a day where you are just out of sorts...clumsy, feeling fat...and just kinda mad for no real reason? So, to make myself feel better I just wanted to drop in a little color into something and maybe write something in calligraphy so I sat down and dropped some india ink and Dr. Martins concentrated watercolor into these little flowers. My hand hit the little bottle of the magenta india ink and it "dropped in" all over my pants and sprayed my new Talbots shirt. Why do I paint with nice clothes on?! ARGGG!!! (#$##@%#--aka gosh dang it--and that's southern for... oh shoot!) Oh well, I felt fat in the pants anyway but the shirt had pink flowers on it and it splashed into the pink flowers and ...well on the bright side... it didn't even show! That was a miracle--really! So the moral of the story is...among any tragedy there is always a little miracle. The pants are a goner though.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A flash from the past...

This was a little drawing that I did in my sketch book a while back that was just in pencil so I decided to print it out on paper and paint it with watercolor. I had forgotten that I had even drawn these girls. I like the simplicity of the girls I used to draw. The faces are colored with copic markers. I enjoy using the copics to shade faces and I need to do more of it's fun! I am not sure who these three are. They don't look much like sisters and the girl on the right might be a little older but I did name them..from left to right...Lily, Becca, and Claire. They are sweet girls who love each other.

Tomorrow I will post a giveaway for Scripture beads!

Monday, April 19, 2010


And the winner is....

Yay, Deborah! Send me all your information and I will get it in the mail to you ASAP
Thank you all for throwing your hat into the ring. I wish I could give everybody one! oxox

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scripture Beads Giveaway!

I have been busy making Scripture beads and in honor of opening back up my Etsy shop I thought I would give away a necklace. They range from 161/2 inches to 18 inches so if you will just give me the size you want (if you win) and if you want you little dog tag to say, "hope", "destiny", "faith", "believe" or "Love" and I will stick it on the necklace for you. The colorful Scripture beads are made from sticky back canvas and I have printed Psalm 91, the Psalm of protection, on the canvas. Also there are beads made from an old Bible on the necklace also. I think I will sell these in bunches of three since it looks so chunky and wonderful that way but I think I will also offer them as singles also. I will do on Monday night at 8:00 pm EST sharp! Just leave a comment. Thanks!!!!! oxox

Proverbs 6:21 "Bind them continually on your heart; Tie them about thy neck."

Friday, April 16, 2010

5 Minute Watercolor Flowers

Fun Five Minute Watercolor Flowers. Fun to paint and easy to do!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My latest passion...!!!!

I have been in a bead craze for about a week now. I have been enjoying Alisa Burke's book Canvas Remix and she make some really cool beads with canvas. I have had a little bead kit for children by Alex toys for quite some time now to use with Jane Lowry, my grand neice, but have never gotten around to it. Inside this kit is a wonderful tool that helps you roll the beads so about one bead in...I was hooked!

Above are some of the paper beads from the kit. They were just ok but it made a cute bracelet. Of course I have added other beads with some silver and glass beads.

Here is a necklace with some canvas beads made with some painted Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas.

And here is the whole yummy bunch!! And below...

are my favorites..Scripture beads!! These are made from an old torn up Bible with the pages falling out and yellowed. I painted the pages lightly so you could still see the Scripture and rolled them up. It made a really cute bracelet.

Here is a necklace. I think in the OT somewhere it talks about tying the Word around your neck..or something like that. I need to look that up.

And last but not least, here are some Psalm 91 beads, the Psalm of God's protection, printed on Sticky back canvas, painted and rolled up into a bead. I haven't made a necklace or bracelet yet with the canvas Scripture beads yet because I just stopped long enough from making them to blog. It's fun, and mindless and immediate gratification. I strung them with a stretchy cord.
I might put some in the cobwebbed (and probably haunted) Etsy shop and see what happens. I need to wear them around a while just to see if they hold up. I think I might need to seal them a bit just so they won't be too fragile. So that's my passion du jour! I am putting off drawing that Suzi profile!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love a flower girl...

Well, Suzi just had to go and do it---make us draw a profile---of a male no less...AND Henry the 8th no lesser!!!! Suzi, I love you dearly, but not that much. I do like what she is doing around the face so I might have to skip the profile and just go on to the background. That is, for now, but I guess it's just because I tried in Misty's class to draw profiles and drew monsters . I am afraid of monsters...always have been...
And...I can't wait to show you my new passion....maybe I will blog it tomorrow. I've been busy!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Looking better...

I used Shiva oil sticks on her and I think the 3/4 face is looking a little better. I am still on Lesson One of the Suzi videos but I need lots of practice on the 3/4 view. I think I will go and get a wig mannequin which Suzi says helps. Anything that helps, I'll do!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

...honoring "Bucky the Wonderdog" aka "The Buckinator"

Renee is doing a wonderful book that will benefit A Place to Bark, a no kill rescue and adoption center for animals. Renee is gathering artists to make a page for a book that will be auctioned off. I was so glad to contribute to this because I love dogs and Renee is really special, too! This is 8x8 and as you see i dod some sewing. It was very fun. Bucky likes the tribute to him!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Canvas Journal

Here is the red shed out back and where I spray paint and do also sorts of fume-y and messy things. I do wear my mask and I even try to hold my breath.
Here is a journal I made with some sprayed canvas. After I sprayed I took it inside and embellished more with lettering etc.
Here is the back.

I have Fabriano Medioevalis folded note cards inside but I haven't sewn them in because I like this journal but I don't absolutely love it so I don't want to use the fancy- schmancy paper in it. I might just make it a Remains of the Day type journal.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad hair day

Bad hair day---but--- good little boy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tulip Time

The tulips are just so beautiful now. I haven't seen any growing in a garden around here but I do see them in Publix and that might be the closest I will see them. So I decided I just needed to paint some flowers today. Sometimes I get too far away from my watercolor and have to move back in. I used Hydrus watercolors because they are very bright and I wanted bright. And bright they are. I outlined with a nib and India ink and wrote Spring Tulips with that nib. Ok, that made me happy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Practicing the 3/4

At some point I need to collage one of these girls to the wood and start to form her clothes. She doesn't look like the Tutor queens but maybe I will dress her up fancy like that on the wood---that is if it all works. Suzi does it all so well. I think I need to go back and see what Suzi did again.

More spray painted pages

I should be drawing 3/4 faces but I still have the spray paint bug. I didn't have my large post it notes out there so I had a bit of overspray for the black ---but it's ok.

These are 1/4 of a large Bristol sheet (14x17) that I sprayed front and back. Some were better than others.

I have learned that I don't like the gloss paint and I have several cans of it. I think I will just get rid of them. What in the world do you do with cans of spray paint that you want to throw away? I hate to throw them away into the earth. "Hurt not the earth"---(actually that statement in Revelation is not talking to us) but never the less--hurt not the earth anyway.
And I received my Alisa Burke DVD! Have you all discovered Alisa Burke yet? I am loving her funky graffiti chic style of painting.
So, I went out to the red shed and sprayed away. The weather is nice and the mosquitoes aren't out too bad yet so I put on my new mask and sprayed. Most of these have some calligraphy on them and more stenciling and copic spray after I tore them down to see what they needed. I will use them for a journal maybe. It's just fun to make them. It's an exercise in layout and design for each page and making the page work. I probably should be drawing the 3/4 face but that is so hard...I'd rather spray. More tomorrow...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

I have been carving some stamps for some graffiti-type fabric that I am planning to paint and I decided to carve an egg. I painted some watercolor on it and stamped.
Have a wonderful and blessed Easter holiday!

I had a notion...

Some days I just never know where the creative journey will take me. But I did have a notion that I wanted to write on fabric for some future books --or something. So I started with a scrap piece of fabric (this is duck cloth I think) that I was practicing some stitches on and I ended up with this. I am intrigued with the Spoonflower site where you can have your own customized fabric printed. Maybe that's where this will take me. I used my favorits markers--ZIGS! I could personalize these things and put a little girl's name with all sorts of adjectives to describe her. Maybe I will make one for my grand niece, Jane Lowry, and see how it turns out.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh Suzi, this is hard!

The nose is a bit long--and she is rather snippy looking. She is mad because she really doesn't like to be drawn from this angle--she is much prettier from the front. I don't know what she looks like from the front but that's just what she told me.
Now this girl is getting a bit better. Maybe I should paint her.
I can't figure out how to make them not pout. I am probably not lining them up right. No pouting allowed!
I just need to practice, practice--practice!!!
The 3/4 view of the face really is quite a challenge to draw but as Suzi says, the hands have memory so they have to learn. I know that she is completely right about that because to learn calligraphy your hands have to memorize the letterforms. So I am determined to learn the 3/4 view face because I love this angle for the face. I know it will get easier because the front view has gotten easier. And as for the profile---forget about it!!!!


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