Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spotlight Artist for DLP!

Hi Everyone! 
It's me, Martha, in my favorite hat. 

I just can't express my excitement for being a
Documented Life Project Spotlight Artist
for this week!

This month's theme has been "Making Your Mark"  (Doodles and Mark Making). Goodness, how can you not love that one!!
The art challenge this week is "Create a Custom Element" and the prompt is a great quote by Gabrielle Roth--
"Ride the Energy of your own unique spirit."

As I thought about making my custom element within the mark making month I got to thinking about what a custom mark or element could be. I first thought I would make a rubber stamp and go with that which would have been fun. I love making custom rubber stamps! Then I thought that I really wanted to try and make a unique mark that I hadn't done in a while.  So I rummaged through all my ancient supplies in search of this soda pop folded pen that I made at a calligraphy conference many many years ago.  I hadn't used it since then so I decided that the marks this pen would make would be my unique calligraphic marks.  By the way---ANY mark that YOU make whether made by a brush, a pencil, a marker or whatever is your own unique mark.

I love the quote so I decided I just had to make some word marks.
So I just started marking while still thinking about where my quote would go.
Sometimes trying to figure out the layout with lettering can be quite challenging.

I also added some water to make the ink flow and run a bit to add some unexpected excitement!

As you see in this one I did use a regular calligraphy pen and a Tombow marker brush pen.
I was thinking about what type of layout would go into my journal so I decided to try and find some interesting 3x3 squares to cut out that might work.

Pretty cool!
So I guess it's time to show you how I made the marks. I used different colors
of fountain pen ink. Did I mention that I LOVE fountain pens?
So, here goes!

Making My Unique Marks! from Martha Lever on Vimeo.

Here is what finally came out. I had so many marks that I loved it was hard to choose so I did two layouts.  The one on the right was rather "energetic" so I decided to just write the quote
out on the left using the Italic calligraphy hand with a Speedball C-4 nib with red gouache.  
The paper has gesso on it to make for a better writing surface. 

It was so much fun to make my own unique marks for this week. 
Just remember--you are unique so every mark you make will be uniquely your own.

On your mark,
 get set,
(I just couldn't resist that one! :))

Friday, March 27, 2015

Elegant Writer Tulips

One thing that I always strive to do when I draw is to start with a pen and just go for it. Yes, some lines will be wonky and some will be off but I just try and go with it.   It makes for a freer, looser drawing. I used an Elegant Writer calligraphy marker to draw the lines then dampen the lines with water. It makes a wonderful blackish, pinkish color. Very fun to do!

Tune in tomorrow because I will be featured as the Spotlight Artist for the Documented Life Project!
So excited about that!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Little Still Life

I have been sick all week with either the flu or a virus--whatever it is it's been terrible.  I haven't done anything art wise so today I just had to rally enough to paint a little watercolor from a set up I put together. This is one of my new pitchers from ebay.

I didn't have the energy to get out the oil paints but hopefully this little set up can become an oil painting too.


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