Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey Y'all!!

Well, I guess summer is about over and it's been a busy one but it looks like my September is going to be even busier. But I have been painting or at least trying to. My new endeavor is to paint some children--facing the other way or partial face. Even the partial face is a challenge.
 This is little sweet Gabe from my church.  I ask him to turn around so I could take his picture and I do think he thought that was a little strange. But like the sweet kid that he is he turned around and the sun caught him right in the eyes as I caught his picture. We were all at a beach party for our pastor's 60th birthday celebration.

Maybe I will give this to his sweet mother. It's just practice so---and there are many miles of brushstrokes to go before I am feeling comfortable with the oil paint. It's getting better though.


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