Sunday, January 30, 2011

More spreads in the journal

I am skipping around in the journal. Some pages just have a little bit of collage or color and other pages are finished. I am trying to journal progressively and not feel that every page has to be finished right then. But sometimes a page does get finished if I am on a roll with it. I have used some snippets that I created with the left over Canson Edition paper when I cut it down to make this journal.
Also, I wanted to say that Pam Carriker has done an excellent job of working with Strathmore Visual Journals and her free workshop is up now and all three lessons are available. I really enjoyed it!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

More in the Spiral Journal

Above is the cover of the spiral journal made with the Canson Edition paper which is very afforable and takes all types of media very well. I plan to tie some dyed fabric on the coils when I get a chance.

This is a spread that is waiting for journaling. I usually try to draw some lines for my journaling.

 This is another spread. More later...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Guess what??? I am finished with all of them! I have been working many hours during the day. I actually enjoyed it. They got looking better and better as I went along. I am sorry for all of the A's and B's. They are not as good.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I said I have two journals going now but I forgot this great big one. This one has a grid so I can write --and oh boy, do I ever love a grid. The girl is a collage from my portraits computer file, I sketched the calligraphy pen  (yay, I sketched something!!:))) and used hand carved stamps and one other stamp. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two Journals in progress

I have two journals that I am working in now. This is the Canson Mixed Media 7x10. I have collaged the front of the journals so maybe I will blog them so you can see the covers. The other journal is made from the Canson Edition paper and it is spiral bound with the Rubicoil.  This page was pretty quick and  I did this one is one sitting. The stamps are hand carved, the top border is an Adirondack sprayed strip and you can see punchanella (love punchanella!!!-->sequin waste). I do these journal pages at home at night in my " closet of creation." It is just a large walk- in closet that is actually very functional and everything is right at my reach. Sometimes I think I get more done in the art closet than at the studio. At the studio I have a comfy sofa and a big TV where I can watch recorded "What Not to Wear" and Dr.
 Oz. Less distractions in the closet!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New journal plan--

I have a new plan for the journal pages which is working out pretty well so far with the little time I have. I have said before that once I start a page I have to finish it. Well, I still like to do that but I am trying to just put some color or collage or some Calligra-fun writing on the pages and come back later and put more elements on the pages-- or finish it on up. So I guess I am trying to journal progressively. This is a good exercise for me. This one was done all at once and the lettering is collaged on. This really was a 30 minute or probably less journal page. I didn't clean it up at all in Photoshop. The colors are the Dr. Ph Martins.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Create Out of the Box

Here is another journal page. The girl is collaged as well is the borders. I was just thinking that I need to create out of the box--then wondered what my box is.

Pretty cool!

Here is another Photoshop image from the two images below:

...using the overlay blend mode and some fiddling with the hue and saturation.  FUN FUN FUN!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Here she is again

I just couldn't resist seeing her with a Photoshop overlay. It is so fun to do this and it's a surprise every time.
If you have some images saved in your computer and if you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (I don't use elements so I am just assuming this) you can try it. Again, here is the how- to.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Procrastinating

Yes, I am procrastinating from going over to the studio and addressing the envelopes. I am finding out that I really enjoy addressing the envelopes because I love to write but it takes discipline which I think might be my weak point. So, I am going have to work on that. This girl is in the the composition journal. I colored her in with colored pencils then added Shiva oil sticks which always magically smoothes everything out. They all need a name and this is Heather.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Little Photoshoppin' Fun

I have been busy with the envelopes and making progress although I spilled a whole bottle of permanent ink on the floor. I can't tell you how horrible that was but it missed the envelopes thank the Lord. But all was well after hands and knees scrubbing and it surprisingly came up very easily. I did have some time to do a little digital Photoshop playing. This was really FUN. Jane Royal of Painted Heart Studio has posted a little step by step tutorial on Photoshop. If you use Photoshop then this is fun and quick and very exciting to see these results. I probably will print some of these out and you will probably see them again in my journal pages. Try it---it's fun.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Actually after I wrote this page the envelopes arrived so I will start them today. This page is in the 7x10 Canson journal. I did make a journal today with the Canson Edition paper I recently purchased from Dick Blick. I really struggled with how to make it.  I couldn't decide what size... or to sew or not to sew... and I gave myself a headache with all the decisions but I finally decided to just use the Rubicoil and do a spiral bound. So hopefully I can blog some pages in this new journal. After the Tylenol for the headache I really do like the new journal now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tulips and a journal page

I thought I would just post the Tulips from yesterday's journal because it's a Monday (you are seeing this on Tuesday) and the Tulips brighten up and gray, rainy cold day here is Jacksonville. Bucky doesn't like the weather either because he has been right under my feet all morning. I did squeeze in one more journal page. I am hoping to continue my journaling least that is my plan.  Below is the journal page for today in the Canson Mixed media journal (7x10) from Michaels.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Patient Endurance for today

Well, tomorrow is the big day---the day the envelopes get here. So, as I said before if you don't see me post for awhile, then the wedding envelopes have sucked the creativity out of me. I guess I just don't know what to expect but I am ready and looking forward to the challenge. And to be able to do this for my dear friend is so worth it. 
I painted the Tulips last night on a piece of scrap Canson Edition paper, then scanned and printed them on Hammermill Laser paper. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Canson Edition Paper

I know that this post looks similar to my last post but actually this is not in a journal. I am trying out some new paper I received the other day. It is Canson Edition from Dick Blick and I think it just might turn out to be one of my favorites. I tried just about everything out on this paper. And all worked very well, even pointed pen lettering and calligraphy. I think I will now figure out what size to make the journal with the paper and start this one too. Let's see, that will make at least 4 journals started. I like to jump around anyway,

Friday, January 7, 2011


She really does look similar to pictures of my mother when she was young. I wonder if that is something subconscious when I draw faces. Sometimes people say my girls look like me or my daughter. Isn't that a strange phnom???
This is another @30 minute page from a new journal I bought yesterday with coupon in hand at Michaels. They turned out to be 40% off and that was a good deal so I used my coupon for a Tim Holtz very cool ruler. Like I really needed that but ...well, the coupon was burning a hole in my hand. I actually like the paper in this journal very much. It is smaller (7x10) than the big journal so easier to do a 30 minute page. The cover is very sturdy and good for collage embellishments, etc. This one might have taken a bit longer because I tried out the watercolor on the pages last night and also painted the flower pot. Those are my 5 minute flowers so I will say that I still just about made it in the 30 minute limit. It helps that I have cut out some images from my art work so all I have to do in collage then in. That's a Violette tip. I love Violette.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In the BIG Journal

Here is another entry in the big journal. I still have a little space on the left hand page for a little more journaling but basically this spread is complete. I have used lots of things; stamps, collage of my lettering and art, magazines, Zigs and punchanella. I like using all the stuff. It makes me not feel so bad about...all the stuff! I am still trying to do some sketching and I did sketch my laptop. I try and make myself sketch every day but unfortunately it doesn't happen everyday mainly just because I don't want to. Sketching is hard for me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BIG Journal

This one really is big. It is 11x14 and I must confess, this certainly takes longer than 30 minutes but for some reason I can add some elements and come back later or the next day. I am trying to leave things undone if need be. As you see, I started this one on Dec 20 with the full expectation that I would do it over the holidays but that was not to be. So I picked it back up on the 3rd. I have several journals going at once.  These pages are freeing for me because I really don't worry about making the whole page work as a complete design. I think that is why I can leave it undone. I try to use lots of my supplies for these pages---stamps, pastels, punchanella, calligraphy, markers, cut outs for my images, watercolor..etc. I haven started the envelopes but I am hoping that I can keep up with my journal work amid the envelopes. This is a hard bound journal by Pro Art and the paper is fairly thick but doesn't take watercolor very well so I am doubling up the pages.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The best-laid plans...

Yes, the best laid plans are sometimes interrupted by life but I love working quickly in a journal and creating a page in 30 minutes --> or less. My brain does not work in a way that let's me leave anything undone when I start it so my goal is to try to do a page a day or every other day. 
Next week I will be starting to work on the 200 wedding envelopes for my college friend's daughter. The wedding is in May so by the first of April they all need to be mailed. So, as a calligrapher, I am ashamed to say I have never done wedding envelopes so I do not know what to expect as to how it will go and if it will squelch any creative juices while I am doing them. So if I don't post for a while, you will know that has happened. I am so happy to do these for my dear friend and actually I LOVE to write so hopefully it will be enjoyable. It looks like a 30 minute journal page shouldn't be a problem but I well see how it goes. I do want to make a journal using the puffy quilted fabric squares for the cover like Teesha shows in these YouTube videos. But again...the best-laid plans...

The stamp at the top left is from Lori's collection of fabulous stamps.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Today's Journal page

Well, sometimes I just have to throw something into this composition notebook and this time I have been influenced by Violette and her steps to making a journal, She photocopies her images and saves them and adds them to journals. So this is what this is actually.
I am not really sure why she is standing behind the houses or what that might mean--it just looked kinda cute. I do have plans to make a new art/sketch journal soon when my paper comes in. I am thinking about how I will make it. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank goodness for...

Goodness gracious, just where does the time go??? 
Sometimes I think back to my college days with nary a wrinkle on my face or a gray hair on my head and I just thank the Lord that I have made it this far with body, soul, and faith in tact.
For me, 2010 was a difficult year health wise and also for some other precious family members.   Life has it's extreme stresses, ups and downs and unexpected situations--BUT... hey, it's a new year and I know that whatever God has for me that He will see to it that I get through it!
 So, no worries for this girl!
I will embrace the new beginnings!!!!

Philippians 3:14


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