Friday, March 27, 2015

Elegant Writer Tulips

One thing that I always strive to do when I draw is to start with a pen and just go for it. Yes, some lines will be wonky and some will be off but I just try and go with it.   It makes for a freer, looser drawing. I used an Elegant Writer calligraphy marker to draw the lines then dampen the lines with water. It makes a wonderful blackish, pinkish color. Very fun to do!

Tune in tomorrow because I will be featured as the Spotlight Artist for the Documented Life Project!
So excited about that!!!


Barbara Lilian in France said...

Really like the way you used an ink pen to draw your tulips, then water to soften the edges, a lovely picture.

Martha Lever said...

Thank you Barbara!

fran pascazio said...

Like your tulips and your bravery for jumping in with a pen to draw out your vase of flowers… happy that you are the spotlight artist for Documented Life tomorrow - I will tune in!


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