Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 27 of DLP and a rug!

Last night at 11:00 after painting this rug all day I got the bug to do my DLP page. I was going to let this week slip but I got some extra energy last night.
I do love to do puzzles but couldn't find any pictures of them and I must admit I have never done a Sudoku puzzle. I think it might involve math---or numbers?  Maybe that's why this severely left-brain challenged girl has never done one. Or maybe I am missing out on something fun!
But I did enjoy painting this linoleum rug. It was hard work! It's for my son, Zach's, booth at Summer Namm in Nashville coming up in about a week or so. They are putting up a small booth and will sell their beautiful Peruvian  guitar straps and other guitar accessories. The rug has the colors in the Original Fuzz Logo.
It's 5'x6' which is the size of their small booth.
Wish them luck!!!

I had so much fun painting this rug I think I will paint some more smaller ones. I have plenty of stencils.  I painted on the back of the linoleum remnant. Cost about $20 dollars.  I did have to do some extensive research as to how to do this. I hope it will be durable. It has lots of coats of polyurethane. Should hold up.  


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of linoleum rugs - I hope it stands up. Did u cat the back of the remanet first befor you started painting?

fran pascazio said...

Martha, I love your painting on the rug and you page in your DLP are always wonderful!
I paint on the back of linoleum all the time…I have made many area rugs and runners over the years. I always finish mine with several coats of water based varnish - in matte. It is similar to the one you used in your Pearology class, it's made by Minwax. If the rug is in a heavy traffic area of the house, I revarnish a couple of times a year….they are so much fun to make! I'm sure you will come up with some very beautiful rugs. Thanks for sharing!

fran pascazio said...

I just looked at your pictures of the rug again and I cannot believe you were able to get the lines so straight on you rug without using painters tape…you are truly amazing!

Kathleen said...

What a cool project!


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