Saturday, October 11, 2008


I just got finished painting this. I have been working on it of and on all day. I am still here at my studio at 10:20 pm but my husband is here watching the Gators--Go Gators!!  Our son is in laws school at UF and my husband went to law school there also. SO, that being said, that's why I am still here working. I thought I would go ahead and post it since I won't get to post tomorrow.

Their faces were difficult to paint. I think it was because there were two of them and I tried to get them to look at each other---well---close enough.  I also had to sweep over the whole thing with a light wash so their faces wouldn't stand out so much. They looked like a cartoon Disney character.  They still do kinda---I don't want that. HMMMM...maybe I will do an encaustic beeswax overlay next time for that really weathered look. I act like I know how to do that.



lori vliegen said...

love, love it!!

Kim Padden said...

Martha, I love your work!

You mentioned a post or two ago that you are trying to develop your own style so that it doesn't look too much like Kelly Rae's. Well, you have done it. This is just gorgeous and, I think, you are developing a beautiful style of your own.

You have really given me hope that even if we start out copying someone's techniques and styles, we can quickly move on to our own style as long as we keep trying.


Martha Lever said...

Thank you so much!! My friend Lori above has told me that too. It's nice to hear! I'm trying. Now they might look too much like Paulette Insalls! I love hers!


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