Tuesday, October 14, 2008


HI Y'all--

it is nice to get back to my watercolors---and i promise, i just painted this. i know it looks like the others but i will try and do something about that. maybe i will try another color for the poppy. i think i will try an orange one with more browns in the background and it will look like fall. i might do that tomorrow. i painted this in my home studio. it's actually a closet--- it's a big closet but i can't do much in it but watercolor and calligraphy. i am glad i have my red door studio. i grew up in GA and when my mother passed away i bought the house i grew up in from the estate. seven years later it was just too hard to keep up being 6 hours away so about a year ago i sold it to my nephew. it is a beautiful georigan brick house and he is fixing it all up and a new generation will live in it. very bittersweet for sure. all that being said--(too much information--i know)--i bought this 1922 bungalow for my studio. it's just around the corner from me and it is a dream come true. i love going there every day. bucky loves it too---he is on the porch in the picture. so , there a bit of history behind me and the red door art studio. my good friend, rynda is teaching a beginning callligraphy class there now. we really have fun. we have a great little art community here.

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lori vliegen said...

yep, we love coming over to the red door studio!! tons of fun and creativity!


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