Friday, October 17, 2008

BACK TO BASICS--Drawing class today at my studio

It's good for me to always get back to basics and just draw. It has been the thing that has given me to confidence to draw other things---like my portraits. Stephanie is such a good teacher and we have a good time at my studio all sitting around quietly drawing our still life and listening to our quiet music. It is relaxing--although putting that first mark on a clean white sheet of paper still brings some trepidation. But as I have read in different articles, most artists have a hard time staring down the blank white sheet of paper. It's amazing how most of the time the muse kicks in and it starts to flow.  This drawing is called "Tea Time."


lori vliegen said...

awesome! i missed seeing everyone today.

Mindy said...

Hi Martha: I had so much fun yesterday. Your finished drawing is incredible. I'm very inspired by it - thanks. Can't wait to do it again on Friday.

Mindy Hawkins

Martha Lever said...

Thanks Mindy and Lori!!!!

Prof. Stephanie said...

So glad you finished the drawing and put it on your blog. I am so pleased! It is very success, it is fun and interesting.
With care - Stephanie


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