Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Painted Her Hair!

The little easel is by Daler Rowney and you can slant it is at different angles. It is a great little thing. I have one more lesson to go on my Paulette Insall Portrait Online class and I have really enjoyed it. I am also doing an online with Michelle Brown. Her watercolors are great so I am hoping I can loosen up and do more expressive painting like she does. I will post some of my progress.

Don't forget to scroll down and see my Zigg marker Scripture. It really doesn't show that well in the picture so do a close up and you can see all the shading. It was fun. Love those *ZIGGS.


lori vliegen said...

love your new girl...her hair turned out great!! i think you should go with the birdie idea; i really love it!
great easel...for an even greater price. that doesn't happen very often!

Brenda said...

Martha, she is looking great. She is so beautiful. I need to get a move along, I haven't even done the eyes and lips yet.

BTW I have tagged you, hope you can play along - details on my blog


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