Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As you can see the first picture is the  "in process" and the second is the finished piece. She is painted on paste paper. In the first image you can see the paste paper beneath her hair with was very nice---but she needed hair so I had to cover that up. I did the lettering in gouache.  The image is 12 x 12. The quote is mine.


sherry carrigan said...

WOW! Your art is beautiful. And you're taking Paulette's class WHY??? Just Kidding. Not to take away from Paulette's awesome work, but you are there already.

Martha Lever said...

Thank you Sherry! You are so sweet! I wanted to see how she does it--I love hers!

Anonymous said...

Your art work is beautiful. I love the colors. Makes me smile.

lori vliegen said...

another beauty (i agree that they look better with hair!).

Anonymous said...

All your "faces" are terrific. This is my favorite. I like her eyes closed as she listens, and the lettering is marvelous. It finishes the piece perfectly and makes your work unique - well done!

Gifts of Creation said...

This is so lovely. I am so inspired that you paint everyday and I hope to get to that point.
I am planning to come by your studio soon.
Magdalene Lima-Fiallos
Gifts of Creation


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