Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was asking my husband if I had painted way to many pots and he said, "No, it the year of the pots!" And I guess it is! I kinda think it's the year of the Poppy too. Actually I was practing on some 300lb watercolor paper (scraps of course) and I have cut some 2.50 x 3.50 ACEO sizes and I am going to paint some little originals for Etsy. Maybe they will sell. Maybe I will sell them for $12 or so. I love painting them so it will actually be fun.

We are going to have to hunker down in the next two days for Hurricane Fay. I have my flashlights and candles ready. I will paint by candlelight. I am sure they will be more beautiful---everything is more beautiful by candlelight.

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