Sunday, August 3, 2008


I think I must be obsessed with Poppies. They are my drug of choice--ha. Doesn't some kind of drug come from Poppies? Hmmm--not sure but I sure enjoy painting them. I will paint them until I try another flower. Maybe Daffodils next. These are Poppies that I have painted in my practice pad on the backs of other things---still afraid of the big 300lb white watercolor sheet!!! Then I add my lettering from my calligraphy library in Photoshop. (I did write it) The Poppies here could stand alone without the lettering. I couldn't decide---so I put it in. And ---no zooming in to inspect the lettering please--only to read the Scripture---Scribe's orders!

I also think that a little bit of Mattie Lou is painting all these flowers. She likes to finger paint. Look at the sky---it's finger painted.

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Kate said...

Opium comes from poppies. Why not just enjoy painting them until you feel like moving on to other flowers?


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