Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This is a 4x6 little watercolor which is a tryout of little original watercolors that I am planning to post on my Etsy sight. I hand-deckled these edges by tearing the paper with a deckle ruler, wetting the edges then positioned just slightly off a board and sandpapered the edges. It gives a "feathered" look that you get with handmade paper. I am planning to either buy Twinrocker paper with the feathered edges or make my own. The Twinrocker paper is to die for...so I think I will order a few sheets, paint a few, and post them. I am a little down in the dumps artistically---it would be nice to sell something on my Etsy site or see that people are looking. The one sale right off the bat must have been a fluke. I know it takes some time to gain a following but my fruit of patience is not working very well. Anyway... just needed to have a little pity party...but tomorrow is another day. Create for creation's sake!!.................and journey on!


lori vliegen said...

this is a fun little piece...what a great way to deckle the edges of the paper! and....i think that your fruit of patience is maturing quite well. your work is beautiful and i know that there are A LOT of people who would love to own a martha lever piece...they just haven't found you on etsy yet. but, do not worry, they will! keep hangin'.

Prof. Stephanie said...

This piece is so full of your enthusiasm for life! Fun and light with plenty of joy! Keep up the good work!


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