Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is another piece set up in Photoshop with all my original lettering. The "FEAR" is in  the Roman hand that I have had saved in my calligraphic library for years and pull them out quite often. ( yea for cut and paste!) The Italic hand for the quote is from a font of my Italic that I created in Fontifier. Fontifier is a fun program but it is very basic and the spacing between the letters isn't good on this font. But I  squnched the quote together in Photoshop and then they look a little bit better. The background is a monoprint that I did in Charleston many years ago. 

Most of the day I have been putting handmade journals up on my Etsy site.  You can see them. They are "Excettera Journals" because you can use them for the excetteras of your life.

hey cool--- just figured out how to make my Etsy site a link.

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lori vliegen said... are so good at these photoshop pieces! your letters look great, and i like your fontifier italic!
beautiful monoprint! love it.


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