Friday, August 15, 2008


The first painting  is acrylic on canvas board. It is 5x7 and the second is watercolor which is also a 5x7. Are you so sick of pots of flowers? I hope not because I love love love to paint pots of flowers. I should change it up a bit which I will try to do. Maybe I could throw in a watering can in or something.  (Since I am such an expert at drawing now!)  :) I might even be more productive today and do something else. Actually, Imust  confess, I did the watercolor yesterday and the acrylic the other day. I need to do something today. I am thinking about going to my second home, Reddi-Arts, to get some Golden* molding pasts and different texturizing materials and experiment with different surfaces to paint on. They love me at Reddi-Arts---I pay their salaries.

1 comment:

lori vliegen said...

ahhh...always good to be in our comfort zone! love your flowers...i hope that you're going to put these in a really neat book someday!


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