Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have decided that I just love to do watercolors that are more expressive and not quite as tight. It is actually fairly hard to keep the colors from making mud but I think I will practice up more on these. The top two were not painted on Arches 300lb. Maybe one day I will get the confidence to paint something bigger on this very expensive paper. The top painting is cropped at a 5 x 7 although it was bigger. 
  The calligraphy was written, scanned and put into Photoshop to create the piece with these letterforms and a crop of a watercolor background that has great colors.  The calligraphy was written a couple of days ago as practice and when a few days go by and I saw it again today, it looked appealing to me so I used it. That happens to me a lot. I guess I shouldn't rip up my painting and toss it into the trash so often---I might like it is a few days.

I was thinking about cutting some more wood for frames but the cutting wood muse didn't come today---maybe another day. 

We are going to Greenville, SC, tomorrow to visit our daughter and her husband so I won't post again until next week.
Have a Happy and Creative Labor Day!


sarita said...

lovely fflowers and are right...paint something...let it sit few dayys..when you see it again i can guarantee you will like it better!


Anonymous said...



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