Monday, September 22, 2008


This collage is on 1" Poplar board 8x8. I wanted to paint on wood and in my new favorite little collage book, "Taking Flight..." the author uses wood sometimes. She says that Poplar is the best and it's very inexpensive. The very nice fellow at Lowes cut them all for me. These are all collaged first with paper without too much thinking then layers are added. The mission for me here is to try and create intutively without over thinking (I still overthink it but it's getting better.) I know that this is a far cry from the Art of Classical Calligraphy that I was trained in but I always go back to it. It is my first love and I actually practice quite alot----- but nothing blogworthy recently.

The "Day" in the piece holds very special Biblical meaning for me but it can really be any day in the future that you are looking forward to and dreaming of---getting married, having children, or grandchildren, when you feel better, when you are rich----whatever!

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lori vliegen said...

i'm going to have to find this book that you're getting your inspiration from...this looks like fun stuff!


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