Wednesday, September 10, 2008


 I have found the coolest thing. I was checking on Donna Downey's blog (the goddess of scrapbooking) and she had listed these brushes as something she loved. Of course I had to buy them as a download (fortunately only $3.99) and after I figured out how to get them into Photoshop I played around with them and created this distressed look with one of my pots of flowers.  They are called distressed corner brushes. This took me about 30 minutes because you keep adding and adding and turning the canvas and changing colors and changing brushes etc....
Love it!  It will be fun to enhance some of my pictures with this great digital look. Fun fun fun!

I also got my replacement printer from HP yesterday and I set it up, wireless and all ---all by myself! I'm getting to be a pretty good tekie! (I did have just a little muscle help from Chauncey)

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lori vliegen said...

those digital brushes sound like fun...donna downey sure has fun with them, and i'm sure that you will too!
also, i really like your "pots" post from yesterday - those pots look very realistic!


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