Friday, September 5, 2008


We haven't had a drawing class in a while because Stephanie has been out of town but it was good to start drawing again. I was very rusty because I haven't been drawing but after I got warmed up and my courage up--it got a bit easier. Drawing is hard for me but it is essential for any artist worth their salt. If you can't draw---you can't paint---and it goes on from there.
So, it is imortant to jump into the deep and draw. Amen.


Prof. Stephanie said...

Martha this looks great! Your drawing skills have improved over the summer. Your hard work and perserverence is showing up in this drawing. I can appreciate that this drawing is showing your own drawing style too, you have a flavor that is coming through. Glad you put this on your blog.
With care - Stephanie

Martha Lever said...

Thanks so much ,Stephanie!

lori vliegen said...

i missed all of you yesterday...i definitely could have used the class! love your drawing!


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