Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JUST ONE LAST THING --before I go to Chicago

I started this this morning and couldn't just let it sit all weekend. It is a passage from my Bible reading today that I especially liked, Psalm 16:11. It's a good one. It was an experiment actually to see if an acrylic background wash would hold up to gouache lettering. It will if you use good paper---I think this was Stonehenge and it was too absorbent. But I think this will be the way to write over washes---it has to be acrylic rather than watercolor to keep the letters from bleeding. I am packed and ready to leave in the morning for the Windy City. Hope you will come back to my blog next week and if I can get my laptop to work I might be able to create something Plein Air and share it. We'll see.

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