Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have just been playing around with digital coloring and drawing. I see on ETSY that some successful sites use digital coloring with original drawing although I drew this one in the Artweaver program. It is really fun to digitally color something. I used Art Weaver-demo download-- for this one but I also have Illustrator which is more powerful and can do more. The resolution isn't very good on this image---don't know why.

I have also been sawing more wood for frames again and my muscles are bulging! No more bone loss for me if I keep sawing! I think I have gotten the hang of it---maybe. I think I might venture on over to the hardware store today and get some more wood. (because yesterday I forgot my rule--measure twice--cut once) I will try and adhere some of my newly sprayed watercolors (Golden Varnish Spray Satin) to the wood frames. So, this might be the only creation to display today--but you never know--the calligraphy muse might come. She has been tapping me on the shoulder lately.

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lori vliegen said...

this is a neat'll have to show me how to do this, although i don't have illustrator. anyway, this little diva is colorful and looks happy!


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