Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am home now from the Windy City---my new favorite city!! and while I was on the plane and other times (when I was not shopping and/or eating) I was reading the most wonderful book that I hightly recommend called, "Taking Flight--Inspiration and Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings" by Kelly Rae Roberts.
That's funny actually, I just realized this...--- While I was really taking flight I was reading and being SO inpspired by this book. Her techniques are great and I have always wanted to draw faces that were not really anybody but evoked an emotion. And I have always tried collage to no avail and I was determined not to let either defeat me! This book actually brought both together so I tried her techniques and this is what I created tonight (while Chauncey is yelling for Auburn in the background.) It is on an 8x8 canvas panel. It was very fun and I tried not to think too much in laying down the collage for the first layer. That's my problem---I over think everything then I get frustrated when it doesn't turn out like I expected. Yes, we all know I'm-- know what.
Her heart pendent is real gold--14 Karat gold leaf---guilded. That's fancy for--I slapped a little bit of Sobo glue on and stuck the sheet of gold leaf over it and it sticks---very simple.

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