Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My art buddy, Lori, came over today and we created a college. I actually started this one yesterday and finished it today. Lori's collage was absolute adorable. She will post is on her blog tomorrow so be sure to check it out. Check it out today too because she really has a cute handmade book up right now.  I hope she will do more of these collages.

This piece, above, has a collage in the background that I had done( posted a week or so ago) and I started by pasting that whole sheet of paper on the canvas. Then I started adding layers of paint and rubbing off layers so the backgound would show through. I actually wanted more of the Scripture to show through but anyway, it's there. The Wind is a Biblical concept representing the Spirit. If you look closely in her hair, there is something there. These faces are really fun to paint.  I am enjoying painting them.

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lori vliegen said...

this piece turned out great!! yes, i definitely like it better with the text to the left muted out a bit. and the "miracles happen" in her hair show beautifully.

thanks again for a fun play day...i really enjoyed it!


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