Thursday, July 31, 2008


When I get too far away from my lettering the letters call to me..."Come, come... and write something with us....we're waiting..."

So I have to go and write something. I wish I could do more involved art pieces with calligraphy
like my current hero--
Check her out. Well, maybe one day I can do that---sometimes I come close but hers is so great and her letterforms are great too. (There I go again---comparing myself to others---) But admiring others is good. And she is great!

So here is a little ditty I did. I am bad about writing things just once. If I would just write them one more time it might be a bit better. I should do that---write it a few times and pick the best. Usually the first one turns out the best though. The more you write it---the more the pressure to get it perfect. AHH--there's that P word again!!!
APR (Artist Approval Rating)--9---I like it---simple and colorful. I might post something else today. I think I will paint today. We'll see what happens.

Come forth, painting muse....

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lori vliegen said...

oh, how true that is about getting too far away from the letters have been calling me, too...i don't think i can ignore them too much longer!

i love these little watercolor with text pieces that you do...these flowers are really sweet.


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