Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Mattie Lou is at it again. (That's my artist alter ego)

I was playing around trying to learn Illustrator. I have had that program for several years and do you think I know how to use it---NO.. Well, I started clicking around and started learning about the Live Paint Bucket. Very cool! Actually I was watching YouTube videos on how the people paint the grafitti (I am very intrigued with graffiti). I saw one where they created it first in MS Paint. HMMM---so that's how they come up with those designs. I figured I could do in in Illustrator so after playing around a bit I think I know more about Illustrator. We better watch out for Mattie Lou though---she might just get a spray can and head out into the night------just kidding!---:)

1 comment:

lori vliegen said...

boy, mattie lou sure likes to have fun! you'll be a pro with the illustrator program before you know it...


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