Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today my funky-fun muse came for a visit. I like her because she is free and fun. She needs a name, I think I will call her "Mattie Lou the Funky Muse".. (Actually Mattie Lou was my grandmother's name and I came very close to being called Mattie Lou since my name is Martha Louise as well as hers). But--- So much for that.....This is all watercolor, Sharpie and gel pens. I added a few dots in Photoshop---just couldn't resist. I have been looking at other artist's blogs today and I get really inspired by their freedom and joy so I said to myself, "I wanna be like that!" So my quest is to--->be like that! Sometimes my "Fine Art Muse" will come out and we will paint still life in oil or acrylic; sometimes my "Sketchey Muse" will come and I will draw----and sometimes the "Calligraphy Muse" will come---she is very serious and uptight but she is beginning to loosen up a bit. She is actually my favorite because I have known her the longest. She needs a name---but I am not sure what that would be. Anyway, I was inspired today. Thank you, Mattie Lou!
Thought for the day---"Art has many different personalities!"

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lori vliegen said...

hello, mattie lou!! so glad that you're having's so important to love what you're working on! and, i love all of your different muse descriptions...we really are the cybils of the art world, aren't we?!

love the happy, bright colors and fun lettering! keep having fun...


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