Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This is a watercolor of a pot of flowers I saw in a magazine. I drew it, then inked it, then painted. Hmmmm...this gets an APR of 61/2-7 out of a 10. A bit muddy in areas. But it is all a learning experience. Some days are good and others aren't so good. Plus, I wasn't at my studio, I was at home, so I will blame it on that. Got to blame it one something, right?
I am also studying up on color theory and the more I learn the more confused I get. My theory is this---if you mix two primary together you get a third color---and if you mix in the other primary in with that-- then you have mud. So the theory is---avoid the mud. Also I read that the "dreaded black" really can be used if you want to. So each theory will be different for each person---but I haven't figured out my theory yet but I am getting closer. Apparently different artists start with different "primarys".
I also need to do some lettering. I had good intention of lettering a small Scripture verse from my daily Bible reading but I haven't done that. Calligraphy lettering, even a small Scripture, takes more time than painting---believe it or not.

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