Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Fun flowers---quick fun flowers. I didn't have much time at all today to create so it is always fun to fall back on fun flowers outlined in black. An old standby for sure but so much fun to do. The background is actually a wash I did and had saved in my image file. Not fine art.......but-- is it???....hummmmm....Maybe--maybe not.
I am very much looking forward to my Canon Rebel coming in because my intention is to start to create an image file of pnotographs I want to paint. I don't have any photography skills but hopefully my eye for layout and design might help---if that eye is open that is.
Remember the APR---artist approval rating?---I always forget to add that on my pieces. This one would be a 7.50because it's ok but doesn't blow my socks off---except that it was fun. For that it gets a 10.

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