Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's been a doodle-day today as I spent some time and watched fabulous YouTube videos of people doodling and drawing fastastic art stuff. YouTube is a must for all artists. There are so many genius undiscovered artists it just blows my mind. I can sit for hours . It is also a great thing especially if you hit a dry spot---or your muse gets bored with you!
So I scanned a few of my doodles which I always do in my wonderful composition notebooks that I cover with fabulous scrapbook paper and embellish with ribbon or co-ordinating paper. So fun and every easy. (I should sell some on my Etsy site.) I tried to get rid of some of the lines. I probably should doodle in my "sketch pad" but for some reason I am freer in my composition notebook. I am crazy that way---the finer the sketch pad the more up tight I am. I'm very wierd that way(...........a blank sheet of white paper--YIKES!!!!!!!)
Any way, Mattie Lou preferes the lined paper anyway.

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