Saturday, July 5, 2008


This is more of a graphic look. I painted the Poppies (I am into Poppies--you will surely see more) and then added the text in Photoshop. I do have my own Chinese chop but it is at the studio and I am at home now so I found this one online. Who knows what it says but I will use it for now and then transfer mine. I don't think it is anyone's name--but some sort of virtue, I think. (I hope)

I am going to rate my pieces from one 1-10 as to the artist (me)approval rate for each piece instead of talking negatively about any piece I do. I do not "love" all of them but some I like more than others. Anything under 5 probably won't be posted but 5 will be--not very satisfactory, 6--pretty good---worth posting with the work that went into it, 7-some really good elements but not as good as expected  8---good, I am pleased,  9--really good, worked out as expected and 10-- really, really good and worked out more than expected and I am extremely pleased. So there you have it.
Artist approval rating--or APR for "Beautiful Poppies"---(9)


lori vliegen said...

those are beautiful poppies...and would make a beautiful card...or tote bag...or coffee mug...etc..!
i would definitely put it up on zazzle!

Kate said...

The poppies are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Martha, You are the Best! I love to see you blog.


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