Sunday, January 6, 2013

Red Vase--Day 5

"Little Red Pot"
Hope I make it!

I completely turned my studio around and put the big easel into my big room. Here is the new painting area. It gives me much more room to spread out and have a good runway to back up and look.  I have to add more cool natural light because you can see from the picture how warm the lights are in there. I can also set up a still life to my right which is something I couldn't do in the sun room. In the other room the light might have been a bit more natural but I was just too crowded. You can see below how small the little sun room is where I was painting. So I 
moved it all. It was a feat but well worth it.

I have moved all my calligraphy supplies in this room so this is a nice area to do calligraphy, watercolor and work in my journals. I will have to put all that off until after the 30 day painting challenge.
Here's some calligraphy just to remind you.


Mary said...

Your studio looks fantastic, I have not been in mine for over a month, except to shove something in it...must get in there and clean!

Your paintings are amazing Marthy!

Unknown said...

You red pot painting looks great, my favourite of yours so far :)


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