Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 19 of 30-30 Challenge

"Bright Flowers and Pears"
Day 19! Well, as I said the other day---real life is pressing in so I have to find a way to paint something that is quick and easier and fun to do. This took about an hour to do after I laid down the transparent colors last night. I am thinking that I might work better and have more fun painting when I do it the Hedi and Dreama way. Others use this method of laying down all transparent colors first also. But for me I think it helps me to get something down on the canvas as a underpainting color map. Again, I really should have taken a picture of the underpainting but it doesn't look like too much at that point.
Here is the little Tombo marker sketch I had in my mind but I was working on a square canvas so I can to crop it.

By the way, when I work here at home in my little closet art room I use Holbein Water soluble oil color. I really am thinking about switching completely over because the OMS seems to give me a headache and I hate the cleanup and the pour-offs etc. The WSO are just as good as the regular oils and clean up with water. But I have a fortune invested in regular oils and there are a few colors that I like to use that Duo doesn't have---namely Shiva Ice Blue. I could possibly mix that color up from Duo and put it in this.


Pattie Wall said...

Nice bright color and bold brushstrokes make this one extra nice!

Unknown said...

This is a bold and very good painting! Well done! I use Winsor and Newton Waterbased Oils, lots of people down them but I am happy not to work with solvents etc! I do use their quick drying medium which gives a nice sheen to the work. I believe you can use traditional and water based oils

Kelly Dombrowski said...

This is beautiful! It caught my eye right away!

I also cannot stand OMS and turps. I've been looking into using walnut oil and cleaning up with oil and Orange clean smooth cleaner. I guess it is possible. I have not tried it, I am ready to though.


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