Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 20 of 30-30 Challenge

 I am pretty much stepping out of the box here back into acrylics. I really admire and enjoy the paintings of Angus Wilson. In the fall he will be here in Jacksonville and I am looking forward to seeing how he does his paintings with acrylic.  I have seen the several YouTube videos he has but seeing him do it is person will be fun. This one is rather bold with that red and orange background. I was planning to put another color over the background but I decided to just leave it.

Below is the sketch I did with Tombo markers---same sketch that I used for yesterday's painting.

I actually have two places where I paint. At home when I get the itch to paint something I go into my little walk-in closet that's all pimped out with shelves at my fingertips and a good work surface. 
I transfered all my WSO oil colors to my other larger studio (Red Door Art Studio) in the bungalow because I am seriously thinking about changing over to all water soluble oils. (Unfortunately I have a fortune in regular oil color).  The OMS (mineral spirits) gives me a headache and the clean up is not easy for me. Here at my home studio I have used Holbien Duo oil paint for a good while now and the ease of clean up as well as the exact same consistency and results as the regular oils makes it much easier to paint--at least for me. But for now here at the Red Door annex, as my husband calls it, I have transferred all of my acrylic paint. Goodness, I had no idea I had invested in so many. That was back in my Robert Burridge days. I still love the way he paints in acrylic.
10 more paintings to go to complete the 


Pam Schoessow said...

Martha, you've done it again. I love this pic-- the composition and the vibrant colors. Well done!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Hi Martha, Yes you have "done it again". Beautiful as usual. I am thinking of trying the water based oil paints. I had headaches and developed a horrible taste in my throat ever time I painted with the regular oils. That wa my senior year of college and I would have to paint in the hall instead of the class studio. But I had to finish to graduate. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Nita Van Zandt said...

I, too, get a bad taste in my mouth and slight headache from using solvents. BUT I have discovered that the Daniel Smith odorless is the only one that doesn't bother me. Even Gamsol, which claims to be odorless, gives me an odd taste in my mouth (from breathing the vapors, not tasting!)


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