Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 I love all colors but purple is my least favorite. I think it might be because it doesn't look good on me when I wear it. Actually, I take that back, a dark eggplant color is good for me but lavender washes me right out and I look sick. What does that have to do with this journal page. I wanted to draw a girl (they are all me really) who actually looked pretty good in purple. So actually, I guess I should say, I look pretty good in purple! She is brushing her flowing red hair back off of her face...something that I have always wanted to do since I have never had long hair since I was---
actually never.


Lesley Edmonds said...

Great page! I can't wear beige or peach - they make me look quite ill haha!
Lesley x

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

she's fun and you get to do through you're art what we can't do in real life, toss our long flowing hair :-) LOL.
interesting isn't it the reactions we have to certain colours.

Buffy said...

Hi Martha,love your page,especially like how she's swooshing her hair back.

Say It In Color said...

I love your work and the way you right about your thoughts....I wish my life wasn't so busy so I could take some classes....maybe someday....love your faith too!!!...and ditto on "lavender and long flowing hair"....fun.

jgr said...

Hi Martha,
Beautiful page! I noticed the flourishes that look sort of like grapes, too! I have all shades of purple, lilac, etc. but I can't wear black shirts or tops, I am so pale-it's scary!!! LOL!

Kelly said...

Hi Martha;
I agree, purple is one of my least favorite colors too! I don't know why... but it is. Love your Purple page with the gal pushing her hair behind her shoulders.
Big hugs

Createology said...

Purple is an interesting color. I like a deep jewel tone of purple the best, however I do like all shades. Your page is really fun and I love how she/you are flipping your long flowing hair back. :o) Happy journaling...

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Hi Martha. Great page, purple is one of my favourite colours but I must say I prefer the strong or dark purples to wear.
Your girl looks very nice in purple and love her long flowing hair. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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