Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Mystery Pear

Yesterday was a fun day painting with my buddies, Rynda and Betty. We again painted from our favorite book called, Problem Solving for Oil Painters by Gregg Kreutz.

I am always ready to grunge up a painting with texture and color. I actually used a recycled canvas with a failed painting that I had painted over in bright red. So that was my undertone---bright red. You can see it peaking through. Thank you again, Greg Kreutz for helping us paint another painting from your great book!

And ALSO: Lolla Students,
So sorry again for my senior moment with the Neuland Video. I have added the edited video to the blog. I know that I must have surely messed with your creative minds with that one!!!


Mary said...

love this pear painting...the red peeking through and the dark background!!!

hope you are having a lovely weekend dear Marthy!


kate adderley said...

love this pear Martha, you are the best pear painter, but l so love all your work, cheers kate

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful pear! That book sounds interesting, I put it on my wish list.

Lisa Graham said...

The red poking through was the first thing I noticed about this wonderful painting. You do "grunge" so well in your paintings and with such class.


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