Saturday, May 18, 2013

Red and Orange Poppies

Well, I am in a comfort zone for sure. I need to break out. (I have been listening that song on my iTunes---remember it? it was 1989 and look how current she looks--except for the shoulder pads. Wonder where she is now? Probably enjoying singing Break Out to her grandchildren...)
I am digressing...
I think I have seen these colors before and this set up too. I keep gravitating toward them. But I am just putting in my brush time but not being very brave and adventurous in my still life set ups. I struggle with setting up still lifes. This isn't even on a canvas. It's on Arches Oil paper.  It's not quite as intimidating as a canvas and I can always tear it in two if I want to! Ok, time to break out.  Any suggestions as to how to do that??


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

This is stunning - I love the colors!

Anonymous said...


How about trying seasonal compositions. What is fruiting and flowering right now? Arrange a still life from these.

The Masters painted and sketched the same compositions over and over in their attempts to capture exactly what they saw and achieve 'perfection'. Even as Monet's eyesight failed he still found joy in painting the same familiar scenes in his garden.

Any how, what is not to love about poppies and pears;-)


Sue K said...

I love the colors in this painting Martha. Really an eye popper!
I don't know what to suggest for breaking out of your favorite routine. At least you are painting and they say if you paint daily, you are exercising that muscle and reinforcing what you have learned.
I've seen such an improvement in your paintings over tha past yr. so you must be doing something right!! LOL~
I am having such a time even painting anything these days. I want to, but just can't seem to start. I've got tons of supplies and feel guilty not using them. I keep telling myself that I will "get with it" again, but I am still waiting to be inspired. UGH!! I am my own worst enemy.
Have a super Sunday!!

Elizabeth Dianne said...

I love all of your stuff but if you are really talking about "breaking out," why not do a large acrylic canvas with some very loose calligraphy--maybe semi-abstract?? I would love to see what that would look like from you.


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