Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Today is a very special day. One way it is special is that I finally painted another painting after  a month or so. I have been working on Lollapalooza but since that is finished I thought I would pull out the paints and paint. I was really rusty and I could feel my struggle but I think it turned out ok. I even painted it from my own still life. I am always glad when I can paint from life.

But this day is special for another REALLY special reason!
Marc is 4 today!

He was going to school today with his new Jake the Pirate shirt on and his birthday ribbon. 
And just look at what my talented daughter made for him!
Jake the cake!!
Pretty cool, don't you think?!!!


Kay said...

What a darling little boy and such a cute cake. Martha, I just wanted to say what a fabulous class you have made in Lollapalooza One. I enjoyed all the videos and it certainly must have taken you hours to put all of them together for us. Great ideas that you share including the extra videos on 5 min. flowers, Architect Writing, and creating deli paper for collages. Thank you for a terrific class.

Queen of Fun said...

Precious little boy.

splashpaintings said...

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