Monday, April 8, 2013

The Red Zins

Every month Betty, Rynda and I get together at my studio and do an oil painting project. We mostly are trying to become better painters so we usually either do a Richard Robinson workshop or we analyze a painting that we all like and think is interesting and attempt to paint it. (Of course we don't sell these paintings.)

Our painting for this month was from a wonderful book called Problem Solving for Oil Painters  by Gregg Kreutz. We all admire the way he paints and this book is a really good source of information. We decided on this inspiration painting from this book that you see on the monitor:

I decided that I would experiment with some textures in the background so I stenciled in some
Wood Icing for texture for my underpainting. I think it actually gave it an interesting effect. I might use it again. I used to use it all the time with my acrylic paintings.
 It's really not one of my favorite paintings but I think it turned out to be a
 good likeness to the original so therefore---a success!

So another fun day with the paintin' gals!

1 comment:

Lisa Graham said...

How wonderful that you do this monthly. I really LOVE this. The wood icing effect is amazing.


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