Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lori's Tulips

My sweet best buddy, Lori, is not only a fabulous artist but she is a great photographer too. This is a Julie Ford Oliver"Fractured" technique painting. I am enjoying the fracturing technique and hopefully I can get comfortable with it.
 Here is Lori's photo. 

Lori's lighting on her photo was so luminous that it was hard for me to capture. Capturing light is something that comes with practice (lots of it!) and I am working on that. Glass is another thing that I am working on. It is a process for sure!  I reused a canvas that already had an orange underpainting. You can see it peeking through the fracturing. All in all, I am enjoying the fracturing so far. Thank you for the wonderful photo, Lori!


Mary said...

I love this, is it for sale? If so, I would love to purchase it! said...

This is Fabulous, Martha. Love the active adds so much interest. The technique is a start but it helps that you are such a good artist.

Caryl said...

Martha, I think you have really mastered this technique... you do it so well. I gathered from the previous one that there is a basecoat of some colour that shows through when you scrape it back. The orange in this one really looks amazing and works well with the red tulips and the green.

Julatti said...

Beautiful! Sorry I've been away so long from your blog.... So lovely to see your art again and it is beautiful! Much love!

Celia Blanco said...

I love the effect, beautiful painting and reference photo!


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