Monday, April 1, 2013

I think I fractured something!

Thank goodness it was only paint!  This is Julie Ford Oliver's wonderful technique of "Fracturing."  I absolutely love the look of this technique and I really hope I can do more of this. You can watch her how-to videos on Daily Paintworks. I haven't had time to paint since I have been living the
"Lollapalooza" high life recently. I am taking a little break before starting to film Lollapalooza Three so I thought I better pick up a paintbrush before I started rolling backwards.

I painted her sample painting for my first time trying it. Next time I will paint a still life and see what happens.


Elizabeth Dianne said...

Wow! Martha, I watched the video and you have got this down--just beautiful--this will be something I will try-thank you!

Unknown said...

His painting is wonderful!
I also love to paint, I posted some of my paintings on my blog.
I'll watch the video, thanks for sharing. said...

This is great, Martha - I love it - and what a good artist you are. I am happy to hear you like the fracturing.
Thank you for being generous and mentioning my tutorial.

Caryl said...

You have been having such a good time with all your different art techniques... I am loving watching the process... talented lady :o)


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