Saturday, December 19, 2009


This page spread has a little pouch in the left corner that I made with a large tag which is covering up some crummy writing. Basically I start several page spreads at once by putting a watercolor wash or acrylic, add some stamps or start buiding a collage border then move on. Then I build the pages by "problem solving" and seeing what the page needs. Sometimes I solve the problems and sometimes not. But never the less, one way or another they come together. I really don't know what to write sometimes so I like to copy Scripture from the Bible when I don't have words. You really meditate on it when you are writing it down.
I wish my pages were more Christmasey seasonal. Maybe next year I will try to do the 12 days of Christmas and make it more festive.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

So true! I like to copy scripture when I warm up. It's a good way to renew your mind and warm up your hand at the same time and sometimes you find a jewel.

Mary said...

I love your journal pages Martha. The image us have used herr looks quite a bit like you I think.

I too like to use scripture, or a quote, or a bit of information I have read in a book that I want to hold on to.

Hope you are doing well this Saturday before Christmas. I can hardly believe Christmas is just about here.


Sandi said...

Martha your pages just get better and better, love this one. Hugs

jgr said...

Beautiful as always! copying scripture is a good idea--I also like the tag pouch.

Tracy said...

I am loving your pages! your problem solving skills are working out to be amazing in order to create such beautiful art!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

So funny to hear you say you are problem solving, because to us looking in, it looks like each page was perfectly designed and came together as you planned! They are all lovely as always.

Createology said...

Your journal is very beautiful and inspiring. I find it refreshing at this busy time of everything Christmas! Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas. <:o)

loVe2cre8 said...

Hi Martha, what lettering style did you use for your verse? I rather like that. Thanks too for the tip about using Strathmore 400 series. I will get some at Michaels. So far I have been using text weight in my journals and that really limits what I can do.

LuLu said...

Howdy Martha,

This piece is wonderful. And thanks for sharing your process!

You've inspired me once again!

Happy New YeAR!



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