Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pots of Flowers Paper Quilts

These are little 3x3 images of some watercolor pots of flowers I have painted in the past and I was thinking that maybe I can make a series of paper quilts with them. These turned out to be about 8x8 and I would frame them for that "Piece by Piece" Show that is coming up. It's not until January but I am into the paper quilt thing so I thought I better go with it while I am in the zone. I would frame with white mat and plain black frame. I am into the plain black frame thing for art. My new found framer can frame these at an affordable price and if they don't sell then I could swap them out and put something else in them. Most of the pieces will end up being about 12 x 12 framed.


Julie Bagamary said...

Very nice Martha.

Mary said...

Martha these are wonderful, and the black frame will be perfect!!

Mary said...

Hi Martha, The painting was one I commissioned Mystele to do. (don't you just love it) It is a 12X24 so I cannot easily copy it, but I can print out a picture of it on photo paper. I'll do that and see how it comes out.

I have been wanting to make some prints of my larger paintings - do you know of an inexpensive way to do that?? I wonder if Kinkos or some other copier place can accommodate a larger size. Will have to check.

Kelly Warren said...

very fun, martha. so who's the new found framer? i've been looking for one too. :-)

and i'm such woeful slacker on the calligraFUN. i'm ashamed to admit i simply haven't been able to find time. i have all my supplies ready to go...now just need to find time to practice. all the videos are wonderful!

Susan Tuttle said...

i am really enjoying looking at all these lovely watercolors:) Thank you:)

lori vliegen said...

all of your sweet little watercolor pots look great in this format....and they'll look smashing in black frames, too! :)


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