Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Drawing class

Actually this is an addition to this post---I painted it again (I had the line drawing scanned and saved) and I think I like this background better. The image below has a bit of a muddied background. These things happen to me sometimes. I was thinking I would have a goldish background then decided it would be better blue so I changed in mid-wash---this idea is just fine if the colors don't muddy. 

We had fun in our drawing class yesterday with Stephanie, our drawing teacher.  She urges us to push through it and  draw it and usually it will pay off if you just hang in there and persevere.  I drew this first from a still life, inked it in then added watercolor. I love watercolor and this one was fun--after I got the drawing done!  Fun exercise.  Books aren't the easiest thing to draw---angles---yikes---angles!! Everyone in the class is getting pretty good at drawing now and we started a year ago whining and moaning  that we couldn't draw.

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Sue K said...

This is great! I think I like #2 the best...the background doesn't overtake the center of attention. Very nice Martha!! You always do such nice work!!! Have a lovely weekend. Is going to be HOT here today, so am getting my work done early. Gonna hit the pool this PM!! Oh yeah...float with wine in hand!!!!! LOL!!!!!!


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