Saturday, August 29, 2009

I made this, y'all!!!

The size is 10 L x 3W x 4H
Well, I just had to post this because I just got back from my sewing class and can you believe it...??? I put in a zipper---of all things--put in a zipper!!! And I made a button hole (actually the teacher had to practically do that one for me). And we embellished the ribbon and did a gusset and ----I am impressed with myself as you can see!  Could I do it again?---probably not because I don't have all the feet involved and Sherry, thanks so much for that button hole foot because I needed it!   You need feet for everything and actually my Bernina fund is drained for now.  I really wanted that zipper foot but I asked myself, "how many times are you gonna put in a zipper?" Not too many at this point. Oh, and we quilted it too--but do not---I repeat---do not zoom in to this picture unless all my quilter buddies might want a good laugh. I actually quilted it on the wrong side so the bobbin thread quilted it---then I went back and free motioned it on the right side so it is pretty much a mess. But that's ok--it was fun and I love to sew.  I had a hard time cutting my fabric and now I know why I didn't sew as a child.  I never have been a good measurer---even measuring twice and cutting once. I measured 5 or 6 times and still cut it wrong. But the teacher was patient with me and came over and cut my fabric for me. I'm learning.


Sue K said...

Oh that is really cute?? What size is it? Looks like it could be a glasses case, but the in comparison with the chair, I don't think so....Love the fabric and colors!!! Way to go Martha!

Cheryl Gebhart said...

It's adorable! Maybe a pen case? Not sure of the size. Congrats on putting in the zipper. It all comes with practice - but you know that, being a teacher, right?

Carol Sloan said...

I am SO proud of you! Way to go! You are doing a great job Martha!

Unknown said...

oh, my machine has a button hole and a zipper thingy and I have nooooo idea how to use it.
I'm too scared!
What you made is very pretty:)

mzjohansen said...

Now THAT is one very fine pen case!

Mary said...

Oh Marthy you did such a great job!!
Way to go!!!! :)

Libby Fife said...

You kill me! It looks great and is something I would not attempt without extreme help! Enjoy it:)

Teresa aka Tess said...

Well done Martha, I'm so proud of you. I am not good with zippers either. I think it's very pretty. Now use it, don't just put it away, ok!


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