Thursday, August 6, 2009

Calligra-Fun Marker Double Load Update

This is just a little quickie Calligra-FUN update. This is a neat double load trick with the zigs.  If you try it you will see the subtle variations in the color and it's pretty cool since the video can't really pick up the variations as clearly.  I hear that the Brushables Markers are now in at  I just heard that--I haven't checked yet but I know that they were coming in so hopefully we will have a good supply now that is easy to get. 

Enjoy the double load ditty. 


Sue K said...

I haven't tried this yet, but will have to. Pretty color combos!!! I just love your little Vlogs!!!! Inspiring, for sure. Have a nice Friday!

sherry carrigan said...

Thanks for the little tid bit Martha. I checked, and yes, Brushables are available at Marker Supply. Great heart chip, too.

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing that, and I just picked up on something. When you made the a you first made the thick stroke and lifted your marker to make the up thin stroke. I have been doing the a in one continuous stroke, maybe that is why I cannot transition from the thick to thin???


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